Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wendy's Cakes

I couldn't resist sharing these wonderful Christmas Cakes with you all. If you are expecting one as a present from Wendy, then look away now to cherish the surprise!!

The process of making these delicious fruit cakes began months ago, with lots of ingredients being purchased, things soaking in Brandy, dough being made, baking, then weeks of 'feeding' with... hurrah! More brandy! Then there was marzipan... Now Wendy brought it all together just as Advent beings, with the icing and decoration of all the cakes! Fortunately Maddy has been involved in the whole process, with her own mini, non-alcoholic fruit cake.

Here are the finished results, with even more to come; orders still coming in. Of course the knife won't hit any of them until the season of Advent is over and Christmastide begins! There will also be a new baptism cake for February since we've ate all our wedding cake now! Wendy is definitely fortunate to have excellent domestic grounding from her mother and grandmothers! Maddy is already soaking up these skills!


  1. Wonderful! I can't cook..though Andrew & the kids can!

  2. Well that brings back memories. Whay I don't di it now I really don't know. I'm not working,, but where does time go??? I did a Xmas course years ago and there were truffles, other sweets, stollen and all other goodies all over the kitchen!! lovely too to se Maddy also taking part, something I think lots of yongsters no longer get the chance to do. Actually I believe our daughter, due next Sunday herself, is making a pudding again. Last year it was fabulous.Liz.