Sunday, November 08, 2009

Deacon Jack coming to Birmingham

The Birmingham Oratory will next week host Deacon Jack Sullivan from the USA, who was miraculously healed through the intercession of Cardinal Newman which attributes the upcoming Beatification.

The Newman cause website has an introductory article, which is bound to be updated this week, so keep an eye on it. Of particular note is this little snippet:

When Jack Sullivan exercises his diaconate at Mass at the Birmingham Oratory at 12.45pm on Wednesday 11 November, he will do so at the Oratory’s ad orientem (east-facing) High altar. This traditional position for Catholic altars has, exceptionally, been preserved at the Birmingham Oratory. Pope Benedict XVI has often spoken of the deep theological and spiritual significance of celebrating Mass ad orientem, and of what has been lost through the current practice of celebrating Mass facing the people. Anticipating a Papal visit to England next year, Wednesday’s Mass links in a special way Newman’s Beatification to Benedict XVI’s own ‘hermeneutic of continuity’.

I think this is bound to be significant.

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